Sunday, January 13, 2013

Happy New Hair Resolutions- Planning for your hair

Hello My MHMB readers! 

I would like to start off by wishing everyone a Happy New Year. 2012 started off graciously warm but with Hurricane Sandy; taught us East Coasters to plan well and take things a little more seriously when it comes to weather. This pre-empted me to actually do my first New Year Hair Resolution post. It is better to plan ahead and why not plan-for-your-head? With my New Years resolutions, I plan to incorporate some new hairstyles into the mix, while trying some new outside the box ideas. Check out my resolutions below and hopefully, they will integrate into some resolutions that you thought of accomplishing! 

My Hair is My Beauty New Year Hair Resolutions 2013

1. To wear a high bun to work for 2 weeks straight between hairstyles, while incorporating deep conditioning measures to mitigate breakage to my ends and to promote growth from my roots.
Singer, Monica with such a sexy high bun, streaked with blonde accompanying a bang. 

I tend to wear my hair in braids or weave styles, but I rarely tend to find time to let my hair breathe between hairstyles. Braiding and Weaving (although beautiful) can sometimes be intense to the root and cause breakage if not properly taken care of. I am hoping that I can diligently meet this goal. I just love this look that Monica has. 

2. Research more about the effects of long term weaving and how it affects the growth cycle of my natural hair. 
I wear my hair natural, but I tend to weave a lot. I tend maintain my weaves for two-three months at a time and I don't wash my hair in that state either. My frequency tends to be a wash, once per month. Washing too much helps with the loosening of the tracks and breakage to the cornrows. Just think about it. If you were to have cornrows and scrub- You can easily rip your hair out the shaft. Cornrows are not meant to be washed. I recommend to have dry shampoo mixed with a light conditioner be applied to my scalp for freshness and cleanliness. If you find that that your scalp tends to be itchy, I also recommend a light dosage of peppermint oil and sulfur. 

3. Incorporate more color into my styling choices
I am severely afraid of dying my hair and lately have stuck to my natural color for weaving and braiding. This year, I would like to try colors of cinnamon, auburns, blondes and even...gasp purple!! I have seen many of my favorite celebs (Rhianna, Beyonce, Tyra and Gabrielle Union) try these colors and I am ready to make a change! I will definitely blog on my journey of conquering my fears to tasting the hair rainbow!

4.  Do an office ready cornrowed hairstyle. 
I know this might come off as controversial, I might get a couple of stares at this post, like- what do you mean by "office ready cornrows". I want to find a style that is not only corporately office appropriate- but a game changer when rocking my suits. Check out some styles that I swiped from the net below. They look beautiful yet intense!! Although these are locks, I am hoping to do something similar with my cornrows, where an updo a mini pompadour is incorporated.

That's all for now, I hope my resolutions might inspire the hair beast inside of you to think outside the box and look into the health of your hair for the future come. Have a Happy Hair Year!!!


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