Sunday, January 13, 2013

Happy New Hair Resolutions- Planning for your hair

Hello My MHMB readers! 

I would like to start off by wishing everyone a Happy New Year. 2012 started off graciously warm but with Hurricane Sandy; taught us East Coasters to plan well and take things a little more seriously when it comes to weather. This pre-empted me to actually do my first New Year Hair Resolution post. It is better to plan ahead and why not plan-for-your-head? With my New Years resolutions, I plan to incorporate some new hairstyles into the mix, while trying some new outside the box ideas. Check out my resolutions below and hopefully, they will integrate into some resolutions that you thought of accomplishing! 

My Hair is My Beauty New Year Hair Resolutions 2013

1. To wear a high bun to work for 2 weeks straight between hairstyles, while incorporating deep conditioning measures to mitigate breakage to my ends and to promote growth from my roots.
Singer, Monica with such a sexy high bun, streaked with blonde accompanying a bang. 

I tend to wear my hair in braids or weave styles, but I rarely tend to find time to let my hair breathe between hairstyles. Braiding and Weaving (although beautiful) can sometimes be intense to the root and cause breakage if not properly taken care of. I am hoping that I can diligently meet this goal. I just love this look that Monica has. 

2. Research more about the effects of long term weaving and how it affects the growth cycle of my natural hair. 
I wear my hair natural, but I tend to weave a lot. I tend maintain my weaves for two-three months at a time and I don't wash my hair in that state either. My frequency tends to be a wash, once per month. Washing too much helps with the loosening of the tracks and breakage to the cornrows. Just think about it. If you were to have cornrows and scrub- You can easily rip your hair out the shaft. Cornrows are not meant to be washed. I recommend to have dry shampoo mixed with a light conditioner be applied to my scalp for freshness and cleanliness. If you find that that your scalp tends to be itchy, I also recommend a light dosage of peppermint oil and sulfur. 

3. Incorporate more color into my styling choices
I am severely afraid of dying my hair and lately have stuck to my natural color for weaving and braiding. This year, I would like to try colors of cinnamon, auburns, blondes and even...gasp purple!! I have seen many of my favorite celebs (Rhianna, Beyonce, Tyra and Gabrielle Union) try these colors and I am ready to make a change! I will definitely blog on my journey of conquering my fears to tasting the hair rainbow!

4.  Do an office ready cornrowed hairstyle. 
I know this might come off as controversial, I might get a couple of stares at this post, like- what do you mean by "office ready cornrows". I want to find a style that is not only corporately office appropriate- but a game changer when rocking my suits. Check out some styles that I swiped from the net below. They look beautiful yet intense!! Although these are locks, I am hoping to do something similar with my cornrows, where an updo a mini pompadour is incorporated.

That's all for now, I hope my resolutions might inspire the hair beast inside of you to think outside the box and look into the health of your hair for the future come. Have a Happy Hair Year!!!


Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Real Housewives of Atlanta- Who, What, Hair!1

Tonight, I watched the Real Housewives of Atlanta that debuted on the Bravo Network . The show was off to such a great start. First, there was the debut of Kenya Moore at the Bailey Agency Jet Beauty Search; in which I was happy to see that Cynthia's agency was gaining momentum contrary to what you read in the blogs. I also loved that the hairstyles on the season opener were so beautiful and stunning.  My favorite hairstyles came from Cynthia Bailey and Kenya Moore. Clearly from look of that pic (cut left) that Kenya Moore (Miss USA) and new "housewife" made quite the impression. (Tee hee)

Cynthia came on the scene talking about her beautiful daughter Noelle's academic future at her and Peter's home rocking this lovely roller set look. I just love how plush her curls looked.
Cynthia then showed off her hair at the Bailey Agency Jet Beauty search in this sultry bone straight Cher style accompanied with a mega-watt smile.
And in her confessional scene- she completely worked it with her wavy malaysian style. Ms. Kenya can't try Cynthia with this style. (snaps fingers)
Just a side note, Cynthia launched her own hair line called Hair Couture by Cynthia Bailey in the late summer and I am so sure that she is rocking the hair from her own line. Her brand is awesome.
Kenya on the other hand worked the reverse ombre hair. I fell in love with her hair. I truly had hair envy when I saw her. In the pic below, she was rocking the style made famous by Kim Kardashian. I just loved it on her and I loved how radiant her color was and how it translated on camera.

Kenya also worked it with this side swooped rendition of the famous "Kim K" coif. Just stunning.
Check out the Real Housewives of Atlanta on Bravo and stay tuned for more commentary regarding their hairstyles through out the season.



Styling your Senegalese Braids: Look 1 - the Cross Bun Roll

Hello readers, I know that it has been so long, but I have been on hiatus from MHMB due to developing MHMB's sister blog Fashion Honey ( Now that I got that out of the way, I am back to show you different styles that I love to do with my hair whether its braids or just my natural hair. This post is for my ladies that have senegalese twists or locks. I don't believe that the twisting effect will appear as vividly as it has been done on me.
Ok so on how to how to recreate this look!
Style: Cross Bun Roll
Hair Type: Braids or Locks
Difficulty: Moderate
1.  Take braided/locked hair and split braids into 4 sections.
2. This look is achieved by having the pompadour effect occur on the left  frontal quadrant of your head. Take Section 1 (Frontal/Rightsided section) and split into one half and twist braids/locks into two large braids.
3. Twist section 1 into Section 2 and wrap Section 2 towards the center and drop collected section into Quadrant 3 (left neck based section.).
4. Finally, take the collected portion of Section 3 and twist it into section 4 ( right neck based section). Take section 4 and twist it upward towards Section 1 and finally pinning it into Section 2.
Your look should appear as pictured below.

Check out my other posts showcasing other styles to do with twists.
See you soon!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Breaking the Braid Virginity and not losing your sides

Low maintenance, yet high style!!

MHMB readers, It's bad enough that you have to sit down for like 6-9 hrs waiting for your hair to be accomplished by your coveted hair braider. Some people may have 2 hairbraiders working simultaneously, but I have one. She is awesome and she does not pull on my hair. When I get my braids put in, Rule #1: I take a set of motrin, I get my hair washed with peppermint shampoo, conditioned with Shea and deep conditioned with a special concoction of my own. It is such a long process. Haircare is very imperative when applying braids or extensions. For my senegalese twist box braid style, my hair braider make sure that my hair is not being pulled and I also ensure that I do not lose my sides. When braids are being added to my hair, I do not like grease being added to my scalp (your deep conditioner should've nourished your scalp to the point where your hair should be fully moisturized) and secondly I hold on to each braid from the root until it is it braided to the tip. As obsessive compulsive as that sounds, I believe that the way your first phase of hair braiding is accomplished will be the determination of how long and beautifully maintained your hair will be. This attributes to at least an inch to an inch and a half of new growth within your style process.

When your hair is now fully braided, it is good to let your hair rest closely to your scalp in the direction that it was braided to alleviate stress to your roots and the nape of your neck. Some people experience a pounding headache post braiding because they've managed not to follow the rule that I listed above and they try to style their hair too soon in the process. My senegalese twists have lasted already 2 months as of Saturday August 24th and I can still keep them for another 3 as long as I continue to maintain them.

One style that is really cool to do within the first week is the half up, half down style illustrated above. It doesn't cause stress to your hair. The style trains your hair to relax and it lays flat against the surface of your scalp. One thing to note is that you shouldn't put GREASE on your scalp as it may cause your braids to slip out and it also causes a smell to emanate from your scalp. Many critics will comment and certain hair care companies will state the otherwise, but as a self taught hair care expert and a coined natural haired woman, the least product added to your braids the better. Product causes build up and the inability to wash your hair will cause breakage let alone from the buildup and we all agree on this blog that we want our hair to grow and stay healthy. Some naysayers will state that you can use dry shampoo or I have even heard the most ridiculous "use alcohol" to clean your scalp. These products will dry out your scalp and make it very itchy. There is only one time to add product on your scalp during the braid style process and it is at the last phase- when you are planning to take it out.

Please check out my next blog piece for other styles to do, once your have broken your first week of the braid style process. Good luck and keep your hair tight!

Your friend in hair,


Saturday, September 24, 2011

Senagalese Twist Hair Style # 1

I love to change my hair up and when I am having fun there is nothing better than to do my braids in an updo that is effortless and chic. Check out my favorite hairstyle the Sengalese twist bun.

This hairstyle only takes 5 minutes and requires two Goody Hairbands.
Goody Ouchless Hair Elastics
Goody Ouchless Hair Elastics

How To:
** Make sure that your hair is older than a week**

Bend your body over and drop your braids to the ground. Take (1) of the Goody Ouchless Hair Elastics and tie all of the braids into a ponytail at the center of your temple. Open the ponytail into a 360 degree of hair and start to wrap hair under in a twisting motion at the base of the ponytail. Once completely wrapped and a full twisted bun has appeared, take another Goody Ouchless Hair Elastic and seal the bun into place by wrapping the elastic to the base of the ponytail. Voila!! It should look like the above.

If you feel like your bun might not be able to sustain itself due to heaviness, you can add 2 bobby pins to the either side of the bun.


To Braid? or Not to Braid?

As a naturalista, I know how hard it is to wake up every morning and style your hair. I am a naturalista that loves to keep my hair pressed straight and on some occasions, I do not mind alleviating my hair of press stress. Many times, I start to grit my teeth when I hear the weather man say that the weather will be humid!!

My hair in its perfect natural state.

Freshly pressed hair to thinness.. right off the flat iron.


Humid Hair... Fun times... So much shrinkage

There is no discussion that when the weather tends to fall towards a  humid state, I would just go and get my hair braided. I know that many of us women work and prospectively may go on interviews, but having a braiding style that is career sustainable is very important as well. When I know that I want to reach out to a style that is considered career sustainable.... I get the senagalese twist box braids straight.

It is easy to manage and can be styled in many ways that can allow for a plethora of haute ready for work hairstyles...

So follow me day by day and I will show you how to maintain your newly braided phase, maintenance phase, and take-out phase hair.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Welcome Visitor!

Thank you for coming to my new blog "My Hair is My Beauty" (MHMB). This blog will feature many awesome hairstyles and techniques for women of color who know that their hair is their beauty!! MHMB will feature pics from my personal archive of hairstyles and my knowledge of hair growth strategies that are proven and have worked for all hair textures. In addition, we will have features and photos from our fave celebrities who barely have a bad hair day. 

 I welcome visitors/hair experts to provide their hair strategies via comments, photos, videos and audio. 

Thank you for stopping by and I hope that we keep you looking beautiful!!