Sunday, November 4, 2012

Styling your Senegalese Braids: Look 1 - the Cross Bun Roll

Hello readers, I know that it has been so long, but I have been on hiatus from MHMB due to developing MHMB's sister blog Fashion Honey ( Now that I got that out of the way, I am back to show you different styles that I love to do with my hair whether its braids or just my natural hair. This post is for my ladies that have senegalese twists or locks. I don't believe that the twisting effect will appear as vividly as it has been done on me.
Ok so on how to how to recreate this look!
Style: Cross Bun Roll
Hair Type: Braids or Locks
Difficulty: Moderate
1.  Take braided/locked hair and split braids into 4 sections.
2. This look is achieved by having the pompadour effect occur on the left  frontal quadrant of your head. Take Section 1 (Frontal/Rightsided section) and split into one half and twist braids/locks into two large braids.
3. Twist section 1 into Section 2 and wrap Section 2 towards the center and drop collected section into Quadrant 3 (left neck based section.).
4. Finally, take the collected portion of Section 3 and twist it into section 4 ( right neck based section). Take section 4 and twist it upward towards Section 1 and finally pinning it into Section 2.
Your look should appear as pictured below.

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See you soon!

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